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Dockside Divers Makes the Case for a Clean Hull

This month’s edition of Sea Magazine explains why hull cleaning is so important and puts Dockside Divers at the forefront of hull cleaning in San Diego County.

Nobody likes a dirty hull. The challenge is getting under there and seeing what is actually going on! In addition to pests such as soft algae, barnacles, and mussels, corrosion poses a serious hazard that goes unseen from the topside but can cause catastrophic (and expensive!) damage if not kept in check.

These twin difficulties facing all boat owners mean a top-notch regularly scheduled boat cleaning is a must. And Dockside Divers has distinguished itself among hull cleaning companies in San Diego County.

In this month’s edition of Sea Magazine, one of America’s oldest boating magazines, Brian Hall from Dockside Divers discusses the many reasons why your boat needs to be on rotation with a reliable, well-trained boat cleaning crew. The integrity of your hull and the efficiency of your engine are depending on it!

Can’t argue with the chemistry

In the article, which you can read here, Brian discusses the chemical reaction between the salt water and the metal components on the underside of your boat and the destructive results of leaving this process unchecked.

Keeping an eye on the sacrificial anodes that protect those metal parts is the key to preventing damage. The anodes do just what they sound like — sacrifice themselves in defense of the parts you need protected. As they wear down, it is crucial that they are replaced at the right time.

And this is where it is essential to have the watchful eyes of an experienced professional. Brian explains that replacing the anodes too often can actually cause damage as well! Finding the sweet spot of anode replacement and keeping your hull free of barnacle growth is what the expert divers at Dockside are trained to do, and they are getting the recognition as the best in San Diego at doing it!

Click here to read more about the importance of hull cleaning in San Diego County and Sea Magazine’s interview with our own Brian Hall.

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