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Propeller Services in San Diego

Propeller Services in San Diego CAYour vessel’s propeller performs an essential function for your boat, but it can also be especially prone to damage from underwater debris, running aground and erosion. Sometimes, you might not even know you’ve hit something, but serious damage may have occurred to your propeller. With Dockside Diver’s regularly scheduled propeller service in San Diego CA, we will inspect your propeller every month to keep you informed of any problems that may arise.

Propeller Services

Here are some of the ways we help keep your propeller in tip-top condition:

Propeller Inspection

Propeller inspection is performed during monthly hull cleaning or anytime you think there might be a problem. Dockside Divers will inspect your propeller for erosion, cracks, and build-up, and if it is worn, cracked or chipped, we will let you know. As part of our propeller services, we also inspect zinc anodes, bearings, and other parts for corrosion and damage as well. Saltwater can be especially harsh on propellers, so we check them to make sure we don’t see any potential problems you need to be made aware of.

Propeller Cleaning

As part of our monthly cleaning, Dockside Divers will examine your propeller and carefully clean it of any build-up. We handle inboard, outboard and stern drive propellers.

Propeller Repair and Replacement

In the event of a boating mishap or other severe problem with your propeller, we can help you with removing or replacing your propeller. We can also recommend a trusted vendor in the area to complete necessary repairs for you and then reinstall your propeller when it is done.

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