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Hull Cleaning Inspection

underwater-hull-cleaning-san-diegoMonthly Boat Hull Cleaning and Inspection

Monthly Boat Hull Maintenance is an essential part of boat ownership. Contact us today for a customized quote to fit your boat maintenance needs.

Whether you own a 60 ft. power boat or a 22 ft. sailboat, monthly hull cleaning offers a variety of benefits to your vessel, including:

Improved Performance – Whether you’ve got a sailboat or powerboat, all boat owners like to get peak performance from their vessels. Monthly hull maintenance will reduce resistance and improve vessel acceleration.

Extended Vessel Life – Regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection will ensure that you catch most maintenance issues before they become huge problems. Keeping your hull clean will also extend the life of your paint.

Reduced Operating Costs – One of the most expensive parts of owning a boat is the fuel. Properly maintaining your vessel will reduce your fuel consumption and therefore your overall operating cost. Up to 70% of a boat’s propulsive energy is needed to overcome hydrodynamic resistance (friction). Barnacles, Algae and other buildup cause drag, which requires the use of more fuel. Keeping the hull and propeller surfaces clean will minimize waste and improve your engine’s fuel efficiency.

Hull Cleaning Practices

Diver Performing Hull Cleaning PracticesDockside Divers only uses highly trained and qualified divers in the San Diego area. Our divers are meticulously trained in current CPDA Best Management Practices to perform the highest level of hull cleaning.  We are constantly working to protect and preserve your bottom paint.

Our practice is to use the least abrasive methods possible to effectively remove the marine growth and fouling from your vessel. We utilize a wide range of cleaning tools ranging from a small swatch of carpet to 5-in-1 painters tool. Our divers work hard to preserve your hull and hull paint, which extends the life and performance of your vessel.

The more aggressive cleaning methods used by other dive companies can damage your boat’s hull, removing anti-fouling paint, and actually cause fouling to grow at a faster rate.

hull-inspection-san-diegoInspection Report

During every monthly cleaning, our divers carefully inspect each portion of the boat hull. After each cleaning, a thorough Inspection Report is completed by the diver to be submitted during billing to the boat owner. The report includes a description of bottom paint coverage, signs of rust, signs of electrolysis, anode (zinc) condition and suggested time of replacement, damage or abnormalities (if applicable), and any other relevant information.

 Zinc Maintenance & Replacement

hull-cleaner-in-san-diegoAs soon as your boat is placed into any saltwater environment, electrolysis and galvanic corrosion will take effect instantly.  If not addressed it can corrode Propellers, Rudders, Shafts, Prop Nuts, Trim Tabs, and any other metal part. Zincs anodes are installed on every saltwater vessel because they will sacrifice themselves in order to protect other more valuable underwater metal components on your boat. Over time, regular replacement of anodes is required in order to properly protect your vessel.  Anode replacement is different for every boat and Dockside Divers specializes in adapting anode service to each and every customer.

As part of our monthly boat hull cleaning service and inspection, Dockside Divers will thoroughly inspect all zinc anodes at every cleaning. You will be notified of the status of your zincs in your inspection report. If replacement is required Dockside Divers can supply zincs from our inventory and dispose of old zincs.

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